"PSP should go back to work" CLI Cordinator - Alimosho Local Government

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media January 31, 2019

“PSP should go back to work” CLI Cordinator

The Cleaner Lagos Initiative soutwest Cordinator, Mrs Bola Adewunmi call on all PSP operators in Alimosho Local Government to go back to work. This call was made during a courtesy visit to the Executive Chairman of Alimosho, Hon. Jelili Sulaimon at the Local Government Secretariate.

Mrs Bola said “PSP operators has been asked to go back to work. CLI is set out to monitor the operations of PSP, Local Government and LAWMA intervention in waste disposal”. Cleaner Lagos Initiative will soon commence advocacy in Alimosho to sensitize the people on the new policies on waste in Lagos State. Mrs. Bola said “we will start with stationary advocacy before going on mobile advocacy”

Hon. Jelili commend the effort of the CLI, he said “serious jingle on radio, TV and social media should be in place to sensitize people on the need to pay PSP henceforth.” on Local Government waste intervention, he said “If they want local government to do the job, state government should stop removing waste intervention fund from Local Government allocation”. The chairman further charged the people to stop putting refuse in black spot as PSP operators will visit their homes to cart away waste products.
Mrs. Bola Adewunmi appreciates the Executive Chairman, he said “we will meet with PSP operators in Alimosho to charge them on effective waste collection. We want Alimosho to win the best local government when it comes to cleaniness”.

Ayinde Jamiu Kunle
SA Media To Executive Chairman
Alimosho Local Government

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