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media March 11, 2019

Alimosho: International Women’s Day Speech


Every March 8, women all around the world are celebrated. To us it is a reminder of our strategic position and place in the Universe.

Women are wonderful people, all over the world there is a new call for recognition of women effort in the society.

This year, the theme is #BallanceforBetter. This can be acheived when every girl child is given the required opportunity to maximise her potential.

The place of women does not end at home, women are essentially part of the economy. We need to allow women to showcase their God given talents in everywhere.

I congratulate every girl child and women working hard to make a difference. We need to do more and not settle for less.

To every mother out there building responsible personality for the future, we celebrate you. We celebrate women who are outstanding in their chosen professions.we celebrate girls time to save their future.

Together we can Balance the world for the better living.

Hajia Kabirat Sulaimon
Wife of the Executive Chairman
Alimosho Local Government

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