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media January 7, 2019

Alimosho Budget heads rates Hon. Jelili high in 2018


The Head of Department, Budget, Mrs. Avoseh Akwe has rate the administration of Hon. Jelili Sulaimon very high in his 2018 performance. In an exclusive interview with the HOD Budget, the HOD seeks the support of the people of Alimosho for the success of this administration.


Can we meet you?

My name is Avoseh Akwe S. O, Head of Budget planning and research.


This is the first planned and executive budget of this Administration, what is your take on it?

The budget has feared well, but we all know we cannot get all that we planned for. So far, in terms of revenue and expenditure, we have feared well.


How has Alimosho turn around for the past one year?

The theme of 2018 budget is “human and infrastructural development”. By Human development, we are not concentrating on the staff, it includes the youth, women even the men. I give kudos to the chairman; he has been faithful to his words. As I speak, we are just rounding off skill acquisitions which include catering services, hairdressing among others. Majority of the participants are residence of Alimosho. On the part of the staff, people have been sponsored to different trainings during the year.” On the job “improvement workshop has been organized. During the workers forum interaction, there is a health talk and health check on hypertension, diabetics, eye screening and drugs were given out to them.

On the area of infrastructure, for those living in Alimosho will commend the chairman. Despite the fact that the money coming in is so small, the chairman is constructing a Primary health care centre which is at the completion stage, the one storey building primary school by God’s grace will be completed before the year runs to an end.

The Ogo Oluwa drainage and road construction, at Igbehin Adun, we have massive drainage construction going on as well as more that 20 roads rehabilitation. So far we have achieved more that 70% of our planned budget.


How has been the compliance level of this administration with budget policy?

At the inception of the year, there was an executive budget retreat where policy matters were discuss. All the infrastructural development completed and ongoing now has been discussed earlier. The budget monitor has these entire projects in it. We are been compliance with the budget. The budget was approved by the legislative arm. Hence, there has been compliance.


Your take about the 10 year development plan?

You don’t need to go far, when you look at Lagos state, there is development plan which started during the reign of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The blueprint was handed over to Babatunde Raji Fashola, you see where it took us to, he equally handed over to Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. Development plan will allow us to annex all our aspiration together and allow us to have everything in plan. Local government is conversant with one year plan, but the vision of Hon. Jelili Sulaimon is a tall dream of turning Alimosho into a mega Community. This cannot be achieved within one year, hence, the 10 years development plan which will start from 2019. I believe development plan is good for the local government; it will afford him the opportunity to take the local government to the next level.


What are the achievements of the Budget Departments in 2018?

Although this department is not programme baseds. However, we have been able to ensure we turn Alimosho LG to e-biling and e-receipt center. Now, you can generate receipt online and this is been able to block some revenue laspses.

We have been able to purchase computer system, photocopier. We have been able to achieve high level of budget compliance. This department is part of the initiator of Alimosho Development which by God’s grace will turn Alimosho around and project it to the next level.


Your advice for the people of Alimosho?

My advice for the people of Alimosho is that they should corporate and join hand to achieve the vision of Hon. Jelili Sulaimon. Even if Hon. Jelili comes back for second time, he will leave office but Alimosho will remain. So they should corporate in making Alimosho grow. The slogan now is Ajumose. Together, we can make it happen.



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