Budget - Alimosho Local Government



About the Department



Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervision of the Planning, Budget and Statistics Unit.
  • Monitoring the Economic and planning activities of all units and Department.
  • Serves as the Chief Adviser on matters relating to Planning, Budget and Statistics in the Local Government/Local Council Development Area.
  • Performs Planning, Monitoring and control duties.

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  • Oladele Dosunmu

    Good day, as a concerned citizen of Ikotun area, just want to know what you guys are doing to fix the roads around pipeline area. My mother built her house in this area about 35 years ago. There has been No impact in this area at all. Its like this area has been completely abandoned. Have you got any infrastructural plans for this area at ? looking forward to your response.

    • 10:50 am - June 15, 2019

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