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02 Aug
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Alimosho Mayor visits new Shasha Base Air Commander


The Executive Chairman of Alimosho Local Government, Hon. Sulaimon Jelili paid a courtesy visits to Air Commandore M. A. Sulaimon. The visit was to foster better relationship between the Air force Base and Alimosho Local Government.

During the visit, Hon. Jelili Sulaimon welcomes Air Commandore M. A. Sulaimon to the most populous local government in Lagos and Nigeria. On the area of security, he seeks for the support of the Air Force Base to strengthen security in Alimosho local government noting that election period is fast approaching and there is need for better security to be in place.

Hon. Jelili Sulaimon further address the issue of non-compliance to local government rates payment by people in the vicinity of Shasha Air Force Base. He said “payment of local government rates is in its low ebb from the vicinity of Shasha Air Force Base. Many bikes playing the Air Force Area don’t pay rates to the local government. We need an improvement in that area to be able to provide more social amenities for the people”.

In response to Hon. Jelili Sualimon, Air Commandore M. A. Sulaimon said on the issue of security, he will work on ensuring better security in Alimosho Local Government. Air Commandore Sulaimon further said, he will require to meet with community stakeholders in Shasha Base vicinity to address the issue of local government rates.

The new Air Commander appreciates the visit of the Local Government Chairman and his team which includes, the vice chairman, Hon. Francis Adebisi, the Leader of the House, Hon. Ahmed Obadina , Secretary to the Local Government, Hon. Dare Ogunkoya, the Council Manager and a host of others.

Ayinde Jamiu Kunle
SA Media to the Executive Chairman,
Alimosho Local Government

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